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SLC6A1 patient advocacy groups from around the world united in Dublin for the International League Against Epilepsy congress 2023.

What a truly wonderful and exciting opportunity to meet some of our SLC6A1 family to speak with scientists, doctors, and researchers already doing wonderful work to help our cause, but also to bring them together with a wider network of specialists, to inform, to educate and to raise awareness. Meeting with Katty Kang from Vanderbilt who discovered the impact of phenylbutyrate on the slc6a1 pathway was particularly exciting. What an amazing human being. Better treatments are coming. Gene therapy is coming. GAT1 is firmly on the map! @arthursquest #slc6a1connectuk www.arthursquest.org #slc6a1 #slc6a1connect #slc6a1connetitalia #slc6a1connectbelgie #meesterbrein #slc6a1connectspain 

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